Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trinity 855 GSM Smart Phone

3.0" TFT Display ,
PDA Form Factor ,
2 M pixel Camera
supports MP3 and MP4
with 512M memory card
with TV-OUT interface ,
Supports SMS, Directory
and Java Games.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Multi-Frequency Multi-Lingual Phones

The next phase of development was opened this week when we staerted speaking across the globe to the worlds light years ahead of us via technology to see a glimps at our next market. To our asstonishment the GSM market in Asia, and Europe is booming, and WiFi is no longer being even developed for in mutliband phones.

The Ulta 955

Along with new changes , the system now will sport a demanded slot port with drivers that support wifi and blue tooth technolgy and will support Total Access International Internet Alliance protocols and service. Visit for for upcoming details.

Existing features of 855:
3.0" TFT Display ,
PDA Form Factor ,
2 M pixel Camera
supports MP3 and MP4
supports GSM850/900/1800/1900,
with 512M memory card
with TV-OUT interface ,
connects TV set,
Supports SMS, Directory and Java Games.


Sporting these existing features, our GSM phone still costs only $199 for the next 10,000 units sold in the US. Our team is testing this and the next generation 855 GSM phones and they work world wide and support these US carriers:

Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Approved Carriers:
AT&T / Cingular
T- Mobile
Soon Sprint/Nextel

Twice as much bang for the buck for a NexGen GSM smart phones for half the cost. Pre-ordering on shippmend set to be here July 1, 2007 can now start. First come first serve. We will order 200 as the first local runm, and another 1000 for resellers and Wireless worlds /Total Access International /Total Access Networks Inc clients.

Whats so special ?

GSM is the nexgen in phones as it already supports MP3 and Mp4 and web, and movies and just about anything to can think of. G3 has been around long enoguh for the creation of G4, right ?

The phone is 3 inches wide snd fits snug in your hand like a PDA. It tunes you into online movies, radio, TV , on and yeah phone calls and instant messaging. It even hooks to your televisdion set to support Mpeg 4 video.

The next phase goes step further. We add our existing internationasl VOIPiP network and route free calls through carriers like sipphone and gizmo project. The plan it to also intergade with Skype soon with GSM phone and Asterisk. Will be demoed soon with GSM repeater option.

Phones supports French, English and Spanish Langauages Currently.

You choose the phone that devlivers service throught mutiple carriers and if affordable to start with, that supports music, movies, and media world wide.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MobileMesh Expands into International GSM Market

Mutipoint-Multiband-MobileMesh(tm) - We love the products and our globally developed core code, MobileMesh (tm) and its ablilty to mutifrequency and mutlipath with mutliple frequencines. Visit and upgrade to Pro OS to support non line of site equipment..... and service. See the new GSM Plus Kiosk now on diplay and in development....

CB3 versus TAN NexGen CPE

Head to head competition, side by side in both rural deployments and in fixed wireless deployments both indoor and outdoor. The test was to see which one worked the best and survived in the noise the best....

CB3 - 2611
Simple 4 page long range Wireless Radio

Easy to Install
POE Compliant - Simple plug and pray!

expensive $129
No RF controlls
No Firewall

NexGen 400 mW CPE
ProsRF controls
400 mW slectectable power
Intergrated firewall w/DMZ zone
Loaded with 78 setting selections.

Not POE compliant ( addon needed)
Complex - can be complex in comparison to CB3 setup

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Free Limited Ventrilo /VOIP/Chat Services offered!

Free Limited Ventrilo /VOIP/Chat Services offered!

Ventrilo one of the the markets best VOIP packages used for
online gamers, free voip to voip connections and community
programs offers a free limited version, that we placed
online free for our clients to utilize at any time.

Web Site:

Use the following information for setting up your connection to our server via port 378. Allow port 378 on firewall on server and client.

For account activation, server details and more, please email VOIP at totalaccess dot net. Please provide (if TAN client) account number and code vent2007050701
If not TAN client please see services page at our web site ,for options
of service available in your area of the world.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Total Access Security - back in development stages!

We were reminded last week, just how much we need security, when our neighborhood (across the street) was broken into again and vandalised. Doing beta testing now on products both based on software and hardwired cams with DVR, and seeing which ones work the easiest, most cost affective, supports the most cams, and yet meets the demands for facial recognition. Quality over quanity. Lucky no-one was hurt and this gives me window of oppertunity to test system in action.

The thought of being able to see my home, business, church group online even at only 5 frames per second, would really allow me more piece of mind especially when I have unknown visitors, unexpected guests, or a new baby sitter. Inhome control and security are priceless. System works in nursing homes, hostpitals, group functions, allowing you security where the where world accepts wireless....

What's new? X10 Home Automation module support on MobileMesh

We are excited to add a complete existing and proven line of security
devices for Home automation ( turn on and off appliances, lights, TV or Radio (remote control need and additional) to produce noise distracting thieves , enhancing security and more. X10 home system is also an inexpensive and nationally recognized brand.

Any ideas and comments?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

FCC CALEA Deadline Approaches in US

The FCC deadline approaches in the US for all ISP/WISP providers
to be CALEA complaint of face a $10,000 per day fine, FAST !

My largest concern is the route of responsibility. I have spoken with several
colleges on the wireless and meshed channels and we all have families and
business to keep alive and want to work with any agency with minimal cost
and overhead in operation of gear.

I have seen gear from $2500 to $7999 , that is to be placed on the network
at each gateway and record and store data. There have been several of us that
have found 'cheaper' alternatives, what software FCC consider CALEA complaint ?
How is that possible on a multipoint mesh network unless it all connects back to
a single collective center(NOC). We recommend placing your CALEA gear at the
NOC/Gateway to reduce expenses.

Will WireShark (packet sniffer) loaded on Ubuntu on a laptop at each gateway,
with remote access , within the realms of CALEA compliance? Again I am asking
people opinions and not in any way instructing. Or will our bandwidth control units
already in place ( which review every packet in and out) with IPtbales and port

Will MikroTik work with thier BCU/Router/Bridge abilities produce the easiest
solution out of the box without selling the farm ? I did find one place that
did not try to sell me a bag of goods, and looks to have a clue.

Allot more information on CALEA
Wireless ISP Assocaition - on CALEA
Intersting reading:

Friday, April 27, 2007

DSL expansion planned

Total Access DSL will soon include the Elgin Texas city area. The new month to month 512k-1.5 megabit down 90-356k down, for only $29.95-49.95 per month with no monthly contracts. $30 dollar home installtion kit avaiable nationwide in onver 10,000 US locations. Feel free to browse the website, but please not it is still under construction.

Visit here to see if avaiable and at what prices....

Get quote anytime anywhere.....

Buy Sell broadband:
Join the world's fastest wireless meshed growing network and buy, sell and trade broadband service, our DSL network provides high speed access into over 830 new markets and combines the nations four largest digital subscriber line services.

Visit and see the digital divide unfold in front of you.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Central Texas gets local voicemail

CONGRATULATIONS - If you live in the Central Texas area (512) 281 or (512) 285 then you can get a voicemail account from our development team in Elgin Texas. The primary number will be the same, you will simply be given an extension that is SIP/ IAX2 compatible (soft phone or IP-Phone) available. Limited free accounts available. Subject to terms and conditions.

We are porting a few numbers in other cities over in the next week so I will repost this same information with additional numbers and additional extensions. Please visit the listed below web sites as they will give you 24/7 online information and to order your voicemail today. call from any local Elgin number for weather, mail call, and world news. The system is under development but the 512-285-2036 line is installed and accepting inbound calls. I have added two PCI voice modem cards and will add more nines as needed.

Voice mail Sign up Information


Signup Website:
Your Number 512-285-2036 - extension 10XXXX

If by chance you just call it and don't tell it anything,it starts a simple menu
that gives you a few simple tasks to do. It downloads, converts and reads
headline news, weather reports and more. Adding more features like free
information , and weather soon.

if you call 512-281-2036 right now it will ask you to choose from the mail,
news, weather, and others. Choose your extension and leave message.

Hit *98 for mailbox.
enter in assigned user account number and numeric code.
Please listed and follow instructions to change password,
or messages.

Extension 1 MailCall !
Extension 2 Global News
Extension 3 Weather - Our Code: AUS
Extension 4 Coming Soon
Extension 101 - Free voice chat room

Extension 411 - Free Information
Extension 911 - Free hotline to local police & fire
Extension 422 - Free Weather Report

*Your Extensions is billing user account number.

Thanks to all those who have labored the thousands of hours to create this PBX solution sponsored by Fonality. Thanks to Seigeler Insurance
in Giddings Texas for the donating computers. Thanks to Andre for beta testing for days. Thanks to Intel for the modems. Thanks Karol for sharing her ideas. and thanks to those thousands of people like myself who will find thing actually useful.

I am still working on the support section of the never ending and changing book. get back with you on that!

Warm regards,

Total Access Networks Inc
Ted J. Green - CEO
100 North Main Street
Elgin TX 78621 USA
Tel: (512) 281-3010
Fax: (512) 285-3600
Toll Free 1-888-682-5638

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Digital Divide

Cells companies providing video service. ISP's moving to voice over IP and IPTV .


Is it the next digital divide?

Internet Media Perception

I by stroke of luck had a chance to review the way one percieves infromation. ( sorry about typos ). My idea was to review how ISP's were dealin with shrinking or growing masses with no way to control medai being fed, unless they deployed thier own browser, or widget that embeded themselves until I came across a simple tool bar concept.

My goal in developing my first one so far is to enhance peoples internet experiance through our services and vision. One is reminded of percenption when asked how full is half of glass jar. half full or half empty. As dialup slowly decreases, millions of new customers are available now through different forms of media. Since our move to digital phone service and IPTV , it has truley enhances the experiance.