Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mesh with Peer to Peer data storage!

We are working new deigns for offhanding PTP traffic to arrays placed throughout the network making the PTP hosted data somewhat seamless. The idea of PTP scares most ISP's, becuase of several things including warez, music, video and games eating up all thier bandwidth for free, since peer to peers are free like bit torrent, which made me start this spin off. Will code name it Sonic - Mobile mesh peer to peer platforms, software , hardware and service.

The data is offhanded to the nearest PTP active server in the network. Using multiple servers, one can spawn packages using the meshed multipath resources as an advantage for peering.

At the same time our new pckage (client) wil allow peering on the mesh. Its coded to work with the mesh, and can be rebuilt for others for the development cost. The idea is to share resources in technology where they were feared before.

Our PTP guys are going to love this! More soon!

Found a great paper on the concepts of both ( Paper Link)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


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Monday, May 5, 2008

More Inexpensive Laptops

As another wave of cheap(cost)laptops recently hit the market, we are happy to see the costs dropping. Each of the listed and shown devices will support mobile mesh via a wifi card. MobileMesh (tm) has spread over the last weeks to 17 nations across the world.

MIT recently started a project a few years back that sparked Intel, Asus and others to meet market demands , and support XP. Even Microsoft is behind the idea on the laptops, and will extend its XP life to meet that market after it expires in mid 2008.

We are happy to see allot more devices, since our mesh needs cheap computers or cheap portable devices to communicate with. Seeing that market expand, our mesh will have more features soon, including VOIP, and IPTV services to support our complete realm of services.

The group is excited to see allot of growth in the low cost laptop for every kid project, and we are happy to support that project with our MobileMesh product line. The group has already tested a few content filtering (instream) solutions for our clients.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The code explodes

As the demand pours in all over the world, viewers from new to old countries look at our project at the worlds first open source global community project. Having resources benefiting global economic & media, Wireless Worlds CEO starts inking deals country by country to handle local business developments a whole, but as a sub of the whole. Each division is in charge of a certain section of the total development and we are proud to announce relationships developing globally to yield true mobile resources.

As the development hits over 20,000 man hours, Greens scientists are determined to bridge the digital divide and allow low cost internet at $10 a month availabale everywhere, powered by everyone. Sharing the expense of the network is the least of our problems in todays world. We are just excited to see so many thousands of people wanting mobile mesh service in their part of the world. Order your code today!

What does it cost ? Greens group asks for local government of provide funding and support in local markets they service and to work on donations of thousand of computers needed in every country across the world alike. Here in the US our local group was blessed we have the fortune 500 in the US to donate thousands of computers and recyclable hardware. The project now code name "Tunza" which means hope, needs more schools and universities wanting to teach on our universal platform. The money they spend, we give a proton immediately back in local grants to students far and local giving oppertunity its just due.

We are happy thus far but need more local development. Cheap wireless access impacts allot of people, and some say its crazy, but actually its simple. add the second wireless card, and you have your own wireless network for home friends or family, for free. This new feature will allow all mobile mesh devices manufactured in 2007 and current to be upgraded at no cost, buy purchasing the card and pigtail needed. Code already supports multiple cards. Keep 5 channels of separation between your existing RF and your new home network. See for more!

if your interested in more about our project visit
or fill out the form below. Thanks. Ted.

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