Monday, May 5, 2008

More Inexpensive Laptops

As another wave of cheap(cost)laptops recently hit the market, we are happy to see the costs dropping. Each of the listed and shown devices will support mobile mesh via a wifi card. MobileMesh (tm) has spread over the last weeks to 17 nations across the world.

MIT recently started a project a few years back that sparked Intel, Asus and others to meet market demands , and support XP. Even Microsoft is behind the idea on the laptops, and will extend its XP life to meet that market after it expires in mid 2008.

We are happy to see allot more devices, since our mesh needs cheap computers or cheap portable devices to communicate with. Seeing that market expand, our mesh will have more features soon, including VOIP, and IPTV services to support our complete realm of services.

The group is excited to see allot of growth in the low cost laptop for every kid project, and we are happy to support that project with our MobileMesh product line. The group has already tested a few content filtering (instream) solutions for our clients.

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