Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mesh with Peer to Peer data storage!

We are working new deigns for offhanding PTP traffic to arrays placed throughout the network making the PTP hosted data somewhat seamless. The idea of PTP scares most ISP's, becuase of several things including warez, music, video and games eating up all thier bandwidth for free, since peer to peers are free like bit torrent, which made me start this spin off. Will code name it Sonic - Mobile mesh peer to peer platforms, software , hardware and service.

The data is offhanded to the nearest PTP active server in the network. Using multiple servers, one can spawn packages using the meshed multipath resources as an advantage for peering.

At the same time our new pckage (client) wil allow peering on the mesh. Its coded to work with the mesh, and can be rebuilt for others for the development cost. The idea is to share resources in technology where they were feared before.

Our PTP guys are going to love this! More soon!

Found a great paper on the concepts of both ( Paper Link)

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