Thursday, June 14, 2007

Multi-Frequency Multi-Lingual Phones

The next phase of development was opened this week when we staerted speaking across the globe to the worlds light years ahead of us via technology to see a glimps at our next market. To our asstonishment the GSM market in Asia, and Europe is booming, and WiFi is no longer being even developed for in mutliband phones.

The Ulta 955

Along with new changes , the system now will sport a demanded slot port with drivers that support wifi and blue tooth technolgy and will support Total Access International Internet Alliance protocols and service. Visit for for upcoming details.

Existing features of 855:
3.0" TFT Display ,
PDA Form Factor ,
2 M pixel Camera
supports MP3 and MP4
supports GSM850/900/1800/1900,
with 512M memory card
with TV-OUT interface ,
connects TV set,
Supports SMS, Directory and Java Games.


Sporting these existing features, our GSM phone still costs only $199 for the next 10,000 units sold in the US. Our team is testing this and the next generation 855 GSM phones and they work world wide and support these US carriers:

Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Approved Carriers:
AT&T / Cingular
T- Mobile
Soon Sprint/Nextel

Twice as much bang for the buck for a NexGen GSM smart phones for half the cost. Pre-ordering on shippmend set to be here July 1, 2007 can now start. First come first serve. We will order 200 as the first local runm, and another 1000 for resellers and Wireless worlds /Total Access International /Total Access Networks Inc clients.

Whats so special ?

GSM is the nexgen in phones as it already supports MP3 and Mp4 and web, and movies and just about anything to can think of. G3 has been around long enoguh for the creation of G4, right ?

The phone is 3 inches wide snd fits snug in your hand like a PDA. It tunes you into online movies, radio, TV , on and yeah phone calls and instant messaging. It even hooks to your televisdion set to support Mpeg 4 video.

The next phase goes step further. We add our existing internationasl VOIPiP network and route free calls through carriers like sipphone and gizmo project. The plan it to also intergade with Skype soon with GSM phone and Asterisk. Will be demoed soon with GSM repeater option.

Phones supports French, English and Spanish Langauages Currently.

You choose the phone that devlivers service throught mutiple carriers and if affordable to start with, that supports music, movies, and media world wide.

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