Thursday, May 17, 2007

Total Access Security - back in development stages!

We were reminded last week, just how much we need security, when our neighborhood (across the street) was broken into again and vandalised. Doing beta testing now on products both based on software and hardwired cams with DVR, and seeing which ones work the easiest, most cost affective, supports the most cams, and yet meets the demands for facial recognition. Quality over quanity. Lucky no-one was hurt and this gives me window of oppertunity to test system in action.

The thought of being able to see my home, business, church group online even at only 5 frames per second, would really allow me more piece of mind especially when I have unknown visitors, unexpected guests, or a new baby sitter. Inhome control and security are priceless. System works in nursing homes, hostpitals, group functions, allowing you security where the where world accepts wireless....

What's new? X10 Home Automation module support on MobileMesh

We are excited to add a complete existing and proven line of security
devices for Home automation ( turn on and off appliances, lights, TV or Radio (remote control need and additional) to produce noise distracting thieves , enhancing security and more. X10 home system is also an inexpensive and nationally recognized brand.

Any ideas and comments?

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