Thursday, May 10, 2007

FCC CALEA Deadline Approaches in US

The FCC deadline approaches in the US for all ISP/WISP providers
to be CALEA complaint of face a $10,000 per day fine, FAST !

My largest concern is the route of responsibility. I have spoken with several
colleges on the wireless and meshed channels and we all have families and
business to keep alive and want to work with any agency with minimal cost
and overhead in operation of gear.

I have seen gear from $2500 to $7999 , that is to be placed on the network
at each gateway and record and store data. There have been several of us that
have found 'cheaper' alternatives, what software FCC consider CALEA complaint ?
How is that possible on a multipoint mesh network unless it all connects back to
a single collective center(NOC). We recommend placing your CALEA gear at the
NOC/Gateway to reduce expenses.

Will WireShark (packet sniffer) loaded on Ubuntu on a laptop at each gateway,
with remote access , within the realms of CALEA compliance? Again I am asking
people opinions and not in any way instructing. Or will our bandwidth control units
already in place ( which review every packet in and out) with IPtbales and port

Will MikroTik work with thier BCU/Router/Bridge abilities produce the easiest
solution out of the box without selling the farm ? I did find one place that
did not try to sell me a bag of goods, and looks to have a clue.

Allot more information on CALEA
Wireless ISP Assocaition - on CALEA
Intersting reading:

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