Friday, March 14, 2008

New Servers & Media Partners

Adding several new servers. New reflector setup and tested on old cobalt raqs, refurbishing older hardware with needed technology. Green is developing the new media cluster system for his relationships in the media industry including AllSouthwest's Networks, AllTexas's Networks , and Total Records.

Green owns exclusive distribution rights from all media deployed, and will start pumping 1000 new artist online. The new servers and media partners are part of greens plan to populate the network with local media stations, using reflectors and media clusters, saving costs. The new cluster will also be available for SXSW media reproduction, and media streams from local artists.

The new network is redundant fed by AT&T and Time Warner. The move to our new servers is way overdue. The media server and reflector was the first step. We also added a new DNS server.

We chose a ISO based firewall, which is adding to the security, but creating security and a path to radius and our AAA standard. This will allow non mesh networks now to authenticate off the mesh, using the same radius system developed by Green 10 years ago for the ISP industry.

The whole package is coming together very nice and shows huge potential of millions of hits on our media side and thousands of mobile clients as we start lighting up Austin TX, one unit at a time.

Theo - Developer

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