Friday, December 15, 2006

Welcome to our blog....

Welcome to our small contribution online. We develop and deploy dialup, DSL, wireless, mesh, hotspots and hosting facilities for providers around the globe.. Our group has deployed, developed and maintained over 600 Internet service providers over the last decade.

Our group developed and deployed the first dialup network in central Texas USA , first analog then digital, then deployed wireless Internet access using substandard 802.11. Allot has changed over the years and our firm coverage has exceeded the size of a few stated in the US. We developed the city city wide mesh several years back, way before its time using adhoc networking with Linux boxes. (system is still in use today)

Now our scope changes from just the connection to all the things one can do with connections like storage, email, content filtering, spam filtering, voice over IP, IPTV and much more. This blog will allow us to share details with other firms around the globe and share ideas and technology to expand the network to every person in the world.

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